"Art is my vehicle through life; may we share the ride together." Ron Wickersham

Friday, August 18, 2017

Drew goes to kindergarten!

This isn't art-related, but it's a big moment for our family! We now have a grand in kindergarten! Even though Drew is three months younger than Carl, his school started earlier. I went to Albuquerque Tuesday night and returned Wed. night so I could be there for the big day.

He was so excited, and a bit nervous too, but had a fun time. Said he couldn't remember much about the day, but then, bits and pieces came out... He was the "lunch counter," counting how many brought their lunches and how many bought from the cafeteria. He is a very conscientious little guy so I'm sure he took the job very seriously and was accurate!

Carl's first day is August 28th so I will also be visiting Austin for that special day. How in the world did they grow up so fast??

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Life Documented 2017 - First two weeks of August

A quick blog post before I leave this afternoon for Albuquerque. Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten for Drew - how can that be? I will be there tonight and tomorrow to document this special moment!

Here are the planner spreads for the first two weeks of August.

Watercolor background, stamps, stickers and washi tape. On right page layered scrapbook papers
 and sentiments cut from papers. I also was able to use a wire word I've been hoarding
forever, along with two photos from our babysitting weekend.

Scraped acrylic paint background, stickers and photos and boarding stubs as tip-ins. 

Tip-ins "opened"

Note that the large flower on the bottom of the right page is actually a design from a paint ad (Sherwin Williams maybe?) made entirely from paint samples. Watch for these ads in magazines - they have some gorgeous artwork made with paint chips!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I'm Back ... And More Art Marks Summer Challenge

We returned late Thursday night from our Albuquerque 3-day babysitting adventure followed by 4 days in Los Algodones, Mexico, for my continuing dental work. Now I have lots to catch up on!

For starters, I've finished six more pages of the daily Art Marks Challenge.

Day 13 - Stippled

Days 14 and 15 - Fluid and Varied

Days 16 and 17 - Mirrored and Dripped

Day 18 - Many

I'm more than halfway through this 30-day challenge and enjoying working in my tiny little journal.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Art Marks Summer Challenge

More mini pages for the Art Marks Summer Challenge, days 7-12.

Day 7 - Interrupted

Days 8 and 9 - Blurred and Freeform

Days 10 and 11 - Open and Blended

Day 12 - Blotted

We are leaving today for Albuquerque (babysitting the little ones for the weekend while parents run a race in Taos) and then on to Mexico the next week.  I'll be back later next week so will catch up on posts then.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life Documented 2017 - Last week of July

This is my spread for the last week and a half of July. Since July ended this Monday, I added Sunday and Monday to this spread rather than doing an entire page for the two days.

The background is watercolored with green and yellow. For some of the days I added small journal spots and doodled frames for the spaces between.  I added a few tip-ins for Stitch Fix box that I received this week. They are attached with washi tape.

I'm looking forward to a new month's pages! August will be busy so I will have lots of memories to include.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Art Marks 30-Day Challenge #3 - Summer 2017

Rae Missigman started a phenomenon with her first 30-day Art Marks Challenge back in January.  The idea is to make marks in a small journal daily, using the given prompts. I participated in both previous challenges and when she announced a third one this summer, I jumped on the bandwagon once again. 

This time I made a tiny "junk" journal, literally made from small pieces of scraps, junk mail, tags etc. The largest page is 3.5" x 5" and the smallest is 2" x 3." The cover is a canvas-type 4" x 6" sample I received for printing photos. I simply folded the pages in half, stacked them and used a simple pamphlet stitch to bind them together.  I added scraps of gelli-printed pages to many of the pages for a starting point.

I started a few days later than the actual project, but this is a do-your-own-thing anyway so the start date didn't matter. The challenge is to continue it for 30 days. If you are interested in playing along, click here to find out the details of this summer challenge. Rae also has an online class for making your own "pocket journals" if you would like some help and inspiration in making one yourself.

Art Marks Summer Challenge - Days 1-6


Inside front cover and Day 1 - Dense

Days 2 and 3 - Scrawled and Curved

Days 4 and 5 - Geometric and Ruled

Day 6 - Wide
Closed journal

I'm looking forward to doing a bit of daily art in this tiny journal.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

"True Colors" Round Robin - White/creams, Aqua and Green

I've finished the third book in my small group's "True Colors" round robin. Each of us chose a color scheme and we are mailing the books around so everyone gets to work in each book.

The color scheme for this book is whites, creams, aqua and green. The book was handmade with 7" x 9" watercolor paper signatures. Each participant is to do a double spread, plus the front of the signature as a sign-in and the back of the signature. That equals four pages!  The good thing is that this was designed so each signature could be removed from the book to work on.

These are my pages. I will be mailing them out to the next on the 
list by the deadline, Aug. 1.

My double-page spread

"Front" page sign-in

"Back" page

There are many layers on these pages: collaged papers; TH tissue tape; stamping; texture paste,  crackle paste and Distress ink through stencils; Distress stains and spray ink; layered papers, doily and images; lace and cheesecloth; buttons, crocheted flowers and butterflies; clear sequins.  The photo is me when I was three years old.

I hope she likes it! I'm looking forward to my next book!